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Free e-book (~2 MB): So You Think You Know C? [pdf] (wordsandbuttons.online)
53 points by okaleniuk 36 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I think that most experienced/heads-up C programmers would get all the answers correct.

Well, he got me. Perhaps I'm not most experienced, but I did a fair share of C programming back when, but not so much recently and when only ever on the same architecture (you know which). Some things I remembered (int can be 16bit), some things I was unaware of ("over shift" can be undefined? Never encountered it, but I suppose there are some broken architectures around. I know that e.g. rotate is broken on Parallax P8X32A, but you're excused for not knowing that).

Worth the (short) read, especially if you think you're an experienced C programmer ;-)

I think every honest inexperienced C programmer would also get all the answers correct.

Interesting book, and well-written. Thanks! I read the first essay and now I want to read the whole thing.

I noticed a typo in the introduction, however: "JavaScrip" should be "JavaScript".

What I was missing for all cases was: E: I would never do that.

You can visit the homepage if you want to read it in HTML form, except for the Introduction and the end Notes which are only in the e-book.

Yes, almost all are there and clickable: http://wordsandbuttons.online/#programming_languages

I made it almost all the way through. I, however, died laughing at "... and vim is impossible to quit from"

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