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I'm never going to use Raku as long as they have that logo. I'm joking.

(I'm not joking.)

It would seem that Larry's reasoning for Camelia is working:

"I also take it as a given that we want to discourage misogyny in our community. You of the masculine persuasion should consider it an opportunity to show off your sensitive side."

from: https://github.com/perl6/mu/blob/master/misc/camelia.txt

Unfair. Equating the feminine with sensitivity is a subtle form of bigotry in its own right.

I object to the logo because it looks like it's drawn by a five-year-old, it's garish and ugly, it's on the homepage of the docs twice and one is very large, and why a butterfly exactly? Ruby has a ruby, Python a snake, Raku a butterfly, Wikipedia says Raku is a type of Japanese pottery. For some reason it reminds me of the artwork in Dora the Explorer I used to watch with my kid (which I'm _okay_ with in that context I feel I have to stress).

Take a look at:

https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/ and https://ruby-doc.org/

https://julialang.org/ and https://docs.julialang.org/en/v1/

https://www.r-project.org/about.html and https://www.r-project.org/other-docs.html

https://www.python.org/ and https://docs.python.org/3/



Even Scratch, which is aimed at kids learning programming, is more subdued and less childish:


> I object to the logo because it looks like it's drawn by a five-year-old

And why should that affect your decision to use or not use Raku? Isn't that ageism in its purest form? :-)

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