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I don’t understand the “revamp” or “sci-fi” terms here.

Does “revamp” mean they do demo day via zoom now?

Does “sci-fi accelerator” just refer to their pre-pandemic willingness to fund blockchain and AR/VR?

We didn't choose the title :) "Boost VC closes $40M fund to continue the same Sci-Fi accelerator for the last 7 years" doesn't have the same appeal.

Revamp: We have been a Sci-Fi accelerator for awhile. But new terms are $500k for 15%.

Sci-Fi: What do you imagine the future to be? Current Tribe 13 include crypto, VR, quantum & biotech.

Sci-Fi - Whatever you imagine that to be

Well glad this got posted here. We just got rejected from Y comb, our tech is sci fi indeed. Alex Garlands made some sci fi that we've built (are building)

Huh, no AI?

I'm with you. As far as I can tell, the changes were less startups, more money per startup. Kinda a revamp?

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