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People actually use Python 3, though. The Python developers succeeding in forking the language and community. No one really uses Perl 6, as far as I know. You're right that Perl6 is another great example of a bad language fork decision.

The community is certainly not that much into Raku, but from this past thread https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22906703

> On the #raku channel on Freenode, several users are using Raku in production.

Some vocal members of the Perl community have not been into Perl 6. That didn't change with the name change. But if anything, the change in name should make clear that even though Raku is clearly a programming language in the Perl lineage, it is not aiming specifically for the Perl community. Anymore, at least.

I feel like the Python 3 experience could have been predicted by looking at the Perl 6 experience.

It's not too late to change the name of Python 3, just as Perl 6 has changed its name to Raku (https://raku.org using the #rakulang tag on social media). :-)

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