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Elfeed with Tiny Tiny RSS (codingquark.com)
87 points by ColinWright 38 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

TT-RSS is pretty great. For Android, I suggest the open source client of the same name, from the same author. For iOS, I suggest "tiny Reader RSS":


> elfeed-protocol will authenticate with your ttrss server, fetch feeds and displays in elfeed like they were native feeds added to elfeed.

This is exactly what I was looking for a couple of months ago. I’d even posted an Ask HN [1] on it. Please reply to this comment if you know of similar setups where one can use an aggregator and get the feeds in a local reader as if the subscription was done in the local reader app (I don’t like web interfaces for feeds since it may not work offline and may not download and cache all the feed data for offline use).

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22404840

How does TT-RSS compare to FreshRSS? https://freshrss.org/

I’m still using a commercial reader/aggregator at the moment but might consider switching to self-hosted at some point.

I just switched from TT-RSS to FreshRSS. FreshRSS comes out of the box with a Docker image which is really easy to set up. For TT-RSS you have to create your Docker image yourself as neither of the two images available on Github work without putting in a bit of effort.

TT-RSS requires an (old, probably no longer maintained) plugin for the Fever API. FreshRSS has it built in.

Interface wise it doesn't really matter that much.

Yea I had to make my own dockerfiles:



I like how TT-RSS has an API that can be integrated with mobile and native app readers so you can sync RSS feeds across multiple apps (although so far, I've only really used the mobile and their web interface).

I'll check out FreshRSS.

https://tt-rss.org/wiki/InstallationNotes Docker is now the recommended way to run tt-rss

TT-RSS is now included in Debian buster. Setting it up is now almost as easy as "sudo apt-get install tt-rss".

I run tt-rss and I like it a lot. The FreshRSS GUI, if the home page screenshots are representative, looks like a lot worse than tt-rss IMO. Lots of wasted space. tt-rss is highly customizable and support hjkl navigation.

FreshRSS looks great too, the main differences might be the mobile client (seems missing in FreshRSS) and the possibility of using SQLite as a database (not advertised for TT-RSS). Thanks for the link!

Like siblings said, FreshRSS is supported out of box on many mobile clients already (including my favorite -- Reeder, and second favorite -- Unread), so a first-party client is unnecessary. On the contrary, TT-RSS seems to at least need a plugin to be used with my clients.

Apparently[1] FreshRSS implements the Fever API, which is compatible with a few nice iOS clients at least. I'm using Reeder[2] with Miniflux[3], which implements the same API, and am very happy with the combination.

1) https://github.com/FreshRSS/FreshRSS/pull/1836

2) https://apps.apple.com/us/app/reeder-4/id1449412357

3) https://miniflux.app/

FreshRSS has a nice mobile interface, no client (app) needed. On my installation I added one extension to minimize the mobile menu bar size a bit more, and it would be nice if long titles wrapped better but it's very usable.

I've heard stories of the TT-RSS dev being an abusive maintainer.

Maybe, but casually throwing out an accusation like this without supporting evidence is reckless at best. I would downvote this comment if I could.

Update: Found this old HN thread https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16726998 with vague recollections of certain encounters on the bug tracker. My takeaway is the maintainer(s) didn't put too much effort into understanding some bug reports (not good but doesn't deserve the "abusive" label) and was perceived as rude (which in my experience could sometimes be attributed to lack of tact from non-native speakers). So, hard to conclusively tell without more concrete evidence.

I can back this up. It's well-known that Fox is not a nice person. See [0] for previous discussion, or just browse around the old TT-RSS forums (warning: some mildly NSFW stuff there).

edit: Regarding your edit, no, it isn't a language barrier. He's quick to insult people and treats feedback/contributions as opportunities to feel superior or meme (e.g., [1]). It's like talking to 4chan.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16726998

[1] https://srv.tt-rss.org/oldforum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2008

Every cloud service should be replaced with free software like this running on a raspberry pi in your basement.


I switched from google reader to feedly to newsboat. One cloud service less.

While i like the idea to be able to read my feeds from multiple computers, i don't actually need it. In fact, readig them on only one device gives me back (a little bit of) focus.

I like the freedom of not having to maintain my own services. That said, the easiest thing is to just not need services. Then you don't need to host it and don't have to worry about who is hosting it and everything that could go wrong.

Or run them on your own hosted VM. I run a bunch of stuff on Vultr, but I'm slowly migrating to a cheap dedicated I bought on Hetzner.

I've never understood the need for synchronization of transient content. It adds to much complexity, attack surface, and bulk to any project. Is it really that bad to just run a secure native, non-web, reader on every device?

And to answer my own question: No, it isn't that bad. It's fine.

I use RSS to keep up on a wide variety of disparate blogs, as well as the news. It becomes pretty tedious to re-filter all the news on different devices and in the process I risk missing a great post from a blog that posts less often. So for me personally, not syncing RSS is pretty frustrating.

Shameless plug: I am currently working on a free, open-source, mobile RSS reader which doesn't require a server or any kind of registration, because everything happens and stays on the device.

Currently it's in beta testing, let me know if you find it interesting. https://github.com/felfele/feeds

I use the free and open source NetNewsWire app, but am always looking to try other feed readers. I appreciate the fact that your app requires iOS 9 or later, and isn’t restricted to just the latest version of the OS. I’ll certainly try it out.

I use a programm that downloads new articles and pops them in a folder via IMAP. I sign into my email on most devices, be it IMAP, web or ActiveSync, so I can read articles anywhere and my mail server handles syncing read status etc.

Sounds interesting! What program do you use?

Sounds like my toy-project:


Which is a "port" of the very old/established python project with the same name:


If you have a server somewhere, you use cron and configure a list of feeds. Each time a new entry appears you get it sent as an email.

See also this recent post:


It is, yes, thank you, it works great, well the original anyway, I will look into your more mordern port :)


I don't want to run someone else's software on my device if I don't have to. Also, a lot of closed operating systems are incompatible with each other and can cost a lot to publish software for.

I used to not require sync, but as I kept adding more feeds I started feeling overwhelmed. On phone I would've read 5 feeds during a transit, and suddenly my elfeed shows all 15 or 50 of them.

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