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#2 Since the iPad 2 wasn't shipping at all, its volume is 0 at the time this was said. That much is inarguable, full stop. Ergo it is a lie.

#3 Provide documentation then, don't guess. Since you're obviously an Apple fan (not saying there is anything wrong with that), guessing will only provide numbers and situations that you want -- confirmation bias.

For it not to be a lie, Apple must own not 88% of the market, not 90% of the market but some number larger than 90%. And yes, include Nook colors since they're Android tablets and sold out and back-ordered where I live. And include Windows tablets. And include cheapo Walgreens Android tablets, and RIM tablets and Nokia tablets, convertable notebooks/netbooks, netpads and whatever other random tablet form factor is out there today. If you want to constrain the form factor to "a big screen that you touch and carry around" so that it excludes Kindles, I think that's fine and makes sense. Here's some lists of tablets so you can start your research.



Unfortunately, all indications are that Apple owns somewhere between 85-88% of the tablet market today. Which is a fantastically impressive number considering that Microsoft has been trying to build the tablet market for many years and Apple's only been at it a fraction of the time. That is the number that should have been presented, it's an amazing number. There's no reason to fabricate a number and lie.

"#2 Since the iPad 2 wasn't shipping at all, its volume is 0 at the time this was said. That much is inarguable, full stop. Ergo it is a lie."

No, he said when it was going to ship. It's a prediction. It's only a lie if he has good reason to believe that the won't ship in volume .

Here's the link to the slide in question


It says, "first dual core tablet to ship in volume". That's an exact quote.

It doesn't say, as you are positing,

"when it ships, we predict that at some unspecified point in the future, it will be the dual core tablet that ships more than some arbitrary number for 'in volume' that we've defined, while our competitors will likely not meet or exceed our completely arbitrary and self defined benchmark for 'in volume'."

If you don't think that's a lie, I have some property on the moon to sell you (or at least I predict at some point in the future I will own property on the moon that I will immediately turn over to you if you pay me for it now)

A slide will usually have a generalization of the point that the speaker is making, not a word for word rehash of everything he says.

I listened to the audio and he clearly states a lie "ipad2 is the first dual core tablet to ship in volume". A bold faced lie.

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