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An open source personalized peptide vaccine design against the Wuhan Coronavirus (github.com/feraliscatus)
2 points by known 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Let’s change the title to replace “Wuhan Coronavirus” with one of the official names of the virus. The city has been stigmatized enough. Thanks!

This reminds me of my peptide vaccine lazy side project: The goal was to start from a convenient high level genetic description of a cancer disease, such as "TP53" with a single point mutations such as "A159V" and publish the peptides that public tools (like NetMHCpan) find for given HLA alleles:


The code is not up to date with recent changes in the interfaces to the online databases I used, so it is now useless. But I like this idea. It is only a fun side project for someone interested in biology, no more.

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