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"Blartreuse" ow my sides...

They need to have a way to sort by votes, or have a "Best of" or whatever. I was curious (and they provide the data! Thanks!)...so naturally-

  $ curl -sL https://colornames.org/download/colornames.zip | zcat | sort -nk3 -t, | tail -n10
  486d83,Blue Loneliness,0.069
  123456,Incremental Blue,0.071
  1eeb01,Creeper Aw Man,0.072
  336699,MetaFilter Blue,0.077
  abcdef,Alphabet Blue,0.078
  b83c73,Red Tedir,0.139
  000000,Lil Huddy,1

Edit: sorry..."Focus Group Blue"...im dying

Hey, I independently came up with a similar solution (https://notryan.com/colors) and it renders to HTML.

But ugh... I applaud your simplicity. I used `unzip` instead of zcat, but I guess .zip files normally use GZIP internally. And, I didn't know you could use `sort` for a specific field! So I ended up using a full SQL engine... Learn something new everyday :)

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