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No disrecpect to anyone invovled.

The gang over here is all hot to chip in their donations..... Is there consensus that this is definitely legitimate and that the money will really go to Peter?

That is a reasonable question.

You can independently contact Peter or myself.

Peter has his own company, Tattam Software Enterprises, which you can look up (http://www.trumpet.com.au/).

I work for Charles Darwin University, you can look me up on their web site (http://cdu.edu.au).

If you are unsure, contact either of us by email or phone.

Note: I will be unavailable from midday, Australian Central Standard Time.

Good enough for us - if nobody's screaming scam by tomorrow morning we'll have a few more guys pitching in.


Out of curiousity, who is "the gang over here"?

Heh... nobody interesting, just me and a few hacker buddies who skipped university to start ISPs and whatnot back when the internet wave was kicking off publicly way back when :)

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