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Banks don't do negative balances. Some banks will automatically turn overdrafts into loans or withdraw them from another account, to prevent you from having a withdrawal or debit denied, but you can generally disable that "feature". In the absence of that, an attempt to withdraw more than an account contains will result in a denial of the withdrawal and possibly a fee (either to the withdrawer or the withdrawee or both, depending on the circumstances and what the bank thinks it can get away with).

In any case, moving the money to an account PayPal doesn't have access to puts you in the much better position of PayPal having to ask you for money, rather than you having to ask PayPal to give your money back. At that point, at most they can lock your PayPal account (which still screws you out of any more donations made before you can say "stop sending money to this PayPal account, you're donating to PayPal").

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