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Sounds neat but I couldn't follow what problem this was solving. Having an internal network that uses Lets Encrypt certs and updates automatically?

I solve that with Traefik in a docker container. It's setup with Cloudflare as my DNS provider using the DNS challenge and Lets Encrypt to issue certs. By slapping a few labels on any Docker container I get to use https and a subdomain on my real domain name. Everything is automatic and, while configuration was hard, I didn't have to custom roll anything special. I don't need an external VPS (but I do need Cloudflare to act as my domain provider, for free). Seems like that might be way easier for most people?

I actually set it up and it's much better than my previous setup. Thank you! Editing the post that it's totally useless (but leaving it on the net anyway, just with a note on top).

I'm kinda disappointed as I was very proud for the setup but hey, let's not get emotional over bits n bytes :)

Damn you can do this whole thing with Cloudflare for free? That's why that's a failure blog :'D

I'll give it a try at some point...

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