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I cant understand wtf the point of the article is. They make it seem as if the company was in some way picked on by the mighty google. Point being, they were committing FRAUD, don't let words like 'Arbitrage' confuse you. Its plain and simple fraud, you try to get around the system with dishonesty, you get shutdown. The real scary part of this whole article though was that VC FIRMS invested in it!!! WTF?

Where is the fraud? They bought legitimate keywords and sent the traffic to sites with more ads.

It's pretty much the business models of tens of thousands of web properties, just boiled down (no content) and refined (automated on a mass-scale) into something that makes them millions.

Hey man, if people are doing it, it does make it right. My definition of fraud is gaming the system as they did, and using it in a way that was not meant to be used to get $$. It happens in all industries and it can drive a company into the ground(close up shop)

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