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Even though I was kicking around the net on my Macintosh SE/30, using MacSLIP/MacTCP, this is a great idea.

Just a footnote. MacTCP was only available as part of an Apple site-license. However it was also commonly distributed illegally by ISPs and magazines. Most home Mac users on the internet prior to about 1996 probably inadvertently warezed it. (MacSLIP/MacPPP was freeware however.)

Not that I'm suggesting you donate to Apple anymore than you already do :)

Not exactly true. The book Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh by Adam Engst (of TidBITS fame) also provided a licensed version. The ISP I worked for way back then distributed the book to new Mac users in order for them to be legal.

Then there were the rest of us Mac users who used FreePPP. :-) There is nothing funnier than thinking back to when I would smother my modem in a pillow at 1:00 in the morning while it dialed out.

The FreePPP plugin for the Control Strip made dial-up idiot-proof. I remember running a custom installation of System 7.5 just because the Control Strip wasn't a standard install on desktop Macs.

That takes me back to writing modem init scripts. I always laughed when my dad typed "assword" in, since he wanted to match both (p|P)assword.

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