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> Thanks all... I had honestly thought the Internet had forgotten about me.

I don't think anybody can forget Trumpet. Trumpet is one of those pieces of software that is unique in that everybody has a warm memory about it, as evidenced by some of the great comments sprinkled throughout this thread and the previous one.

Since a Winsock implementation isn't really in need these days, what else have you been doing to keep yourself busy? I'm genuinely curious, and I'm sure a lot of other people stopping by the thread will be too.

(There was a comment about you in the previous thread that sounded fairly grim. If it's even a little accurate, I'm just all the more glad this happened.)

I have no idea about the demand (I didn't use PC:s back then, so I never used Trumpet WinSock), but the product seems to be still on offer: http://www.trumpet.com.au/index.php/downloads.html.

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