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How much did a license for the original Trumpet Winsock cost?

Nevermind, in 1993 a single license for Trumpet Winsock cost $25 usd. Adjusted for inflation that is $38.10 today.

I dunno. I just guessed at $35, which would be on the high side of shareware pricing.

edit: looks like I guess pretty well.

I guess it would be reasonable to ask people pay the full $25 if they ever used a pirated copy of the software.

I'm pretty sure I dealt with an ISP that distributed a pirated copy when I was going to school up in MN.

I think your calculations of inflation are off just a bit...

$25 + $13.37 = $38.37

To be fair, your comment was a couple of days after his. Did you calculate that additional amount into your inflationary numbers? ;-)

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