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Tools for building building your game/website/interactive project (everest-pipkin.com)
25 points by heyiamlukas on April 8, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Thanks for this list, I only checked a few links but there is a lot of obscure interesting projects !

I was surprised to not see these two game frameworks to the list :

- Amulet : http://www.amulet.xyz/

- Script-8 : https://script-8.github.io/

I particularly like Amulet game demo "Quasar" available with the online editor. I believe both tools deserve more love.

Lists like this are the reason Google superseded Yahoo.

It was never hard to find these entries. What’s hard is getting an informed opinion on why to choose one option and not another.

These entries are hard to find. Each of them has an informative, short description.

This is very useful for people who like to discover and explore new options. Obviously this won't be so useful for those who prefer to be told what they should use and like rather than doing their own research ...

cool list.

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