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Show HN: Get a Hand LA (getahandla.com)
85 points by austinbeer 85 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments

you've listed some skills that you can bring to bear to a problem, but what are example problems you're trying to solve? i'd think that with most small businesses closed, they'd be hard to help right now for instance.

it'd probably help to list some of the kinds of projects you imagine so that folks who need help/want to give help can decide to do so (or not).

for instance, could you use product, project, or general management help? legal skills? do you want to work with government agencies? medical ones? non-profits? how about tenant's rights organizations? etc.

Yeah, an earlier draft had something like that but it's so hard to capture all the kinds of projects people need. After more people sign up we will have data informing us what overarching problems people are seeking, and we can feed it back.

sounds good, hope it turns into some productive assets for local/small businesses and agencies, as those tend to need the most help from such skills. how do you think people will find the site (other than from here)?

I think this is great. As you wrote, you have the luxury of comfort in the midst of all this and are offering what skills you have to those who might need them. My tiny non-profit is applying! Thanks for doing this, it's lovely.


Hi! Sorry, OP here who loves text-only sites! A couple of us designers wanted to find a way to help LA, the city we love. If anyone needs some help or wants to help, please click! AMA

You might want to throw in some sort of assurance that the collected data will only be used to connect people and (eventually) tossed so your project isn't easily confused for some data-harvesting thing.

yup! noted in the form!

You have two forms.

AH righttttt. good catch.

This is awesome! Just submitted to give a hand. Thanks for connecting us all together!

Howdy there! We are a group of Digital Marketing professionals that are donating their time and skills to help Small Businesses affected by Covid-19.

Looks like We've started something similar to help out communities in LA, and Melbourne. If you're interested in joining forces get in touch :)


It would be nice to see a layer deeper on the “focus areas” as the role/skills of a digital marketer can be casted pretty wide :)

This is cool, I guess. If I had an Al Pastor truck, I would submit and expect nothing and appreciate something. But it seems super nebulous. It feels very "We could be the next 72andSunny". Could you follow this up with a Show HN revealing what you eventually accomplished?

Sorry, I just have to clarify. I am or was a Digital Media Director. So I'm always distrustful of "creative" portfolio stuffers. But this sounds like you have the purest of intentions. And it is very kind of you to donate strategy. But do update us!

Wish I could give a hand, but I don’t live in LA and my most valuable skill is writing software which doesn’t really help much during a pandemic I guess.

Note that on mobile chrome I see the numbers for "Here’s how it works" offset in a wonky way.

So good - submitted mine :)

Really cool that you all are doing this. This will immensely help bootstrapped startups.

This is so very cool. Great job stepping up like this to the whole team!

Great, thanks for doing this!

Love the simple, straightforward design.

so it's only LA right?


Surely this doesn't belong here?

Hurts my eyes. You should make copy smaller and use better margins.

I'll make some tweaks! thx for the feedback

What a way to show a lack of respect and kudos to a group doing good for everyone. Your copy hurts many things JohnWheeler...

Not trying to be a jerk. On my iMac, it’s like looking up close at a billboard. so much so that I didn’t even know the page was for good. I just bounced. Welcome to the internet.

hahaha, feedback comes in all flavors. no worrries

The text does seem pretty huge:

mobile: https://i.imgur.com/TJ7tnsG.png pc: https://i.imgur.com/423b2oU.png

Seems exploitative - Angelinos aren't hurting for work right now, they're hurting for a paycheck. I'd like to see some kind of compensation model.

How is it exploitative? The creators of the website are volunteering their time because they have adequate resources (which you would know if you read the website). Or is all volunteering exploitative?

What are you hoping to see with a compensation model? The people behind this are generously volunteering their time to help others in these troubling times. Is doing good for the sake of doing good really that unbelievable, especially in a time of crisis?

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