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Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi (matrix.org)
20 points by Arathorn 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Thanks for the video & the article. I followed the steps in NixOS and blogged about it here - https://kaushikc.org/posts/matrix-jitsi-nixos.html

Hello There! I've installed matrix and it's great, but it's there any way to set up jitsi authentication with synapse?

And by that I mean using the same user that we created on synpase (I know jitsi can auth against prosody but that would require us to create 2 users in two places everytime you need a new account).

Also, are there any plans for an admin dashboard or something like it?

The article describes how to add your own Jitsi server to your self hosted Riot. But does this affect my desktop and mobile clients as well? And how do I set up my own Jitsi server when I use only the mobile and desktop apps from Riot?

We're currently updating the mobile & Desktop apps to be able to use self-hosted Jitsi properly - sadly it hasn't landed yet :(

Thanks to your video I've got my server running in no time. But in the end you end up with a jitsi installation that is public and can be used by any visitor without login. Is that by design? Seems a bit odd. Wouldn't that create a burden on my server if everyone would start using that jitsi to host video conferences for free?

First of all congratulations on the article, very interesting and instructive. My question is the following, I use Proxmox, which has ports 80/443 open to its private IP.

When I want to do the tutorial, I cannot perform the certificates, since, in my case, I have a Nginx proxy reverse, it can help me in what should be my configuration, thanks.

Jitsi can be configured to support authentication with JWT. Is it possible to generate JWT token in Synapse?

Gotta win the speedrun with NixOS!

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