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I'm learning about trading bots. It allows me to learn new things about software développement (réactive streams forum example), mathematics, machine learning and deep learning

I made it as a side project : https://github.com/cassandre-tech/cassandre-trading-bot

And i am writing a guide about what i learned : https://trading-bot.cassandre.tech/

This is incredible - Thanks for sharing. Kudos for using the latest goodies provided in spring-boot.

I had an older version but wasn't using reactive. Definitely, this looks promising.

Thanks a lot for your message :) I'm glad you like it.

was your bot profitable? have you done real trading with it yet?

Hello :) Well, my bot in fact allows you to build your own strategy quickly so my bot does not include strategy. I'm starting to build a strategy with my bot and ta4j... using kucoin sandbox right now. For the moment, still learning, not yet profitable :)

this is interesting! thanks for sharing

My pleasure :)

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