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Oneinfra: Kubernetes as a Service Platform (github.com)
57 points by ereslibre 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

At a glance, this reminds me of the Gardener project https://gardener.cloud/

Thank you, it is indeed similar, however the idea of oneinfra was to reduce the responsibilities to create the Kubernetes API service for each cluster and that's it. The scope is very reduced in purpose. Provide something somewhat easy to set up by users and service providers, and almost trivial to integrate with, so they can start creating isolated Kubernetes clusters at will, either for internal consumption, or for external consumers.

So, is this a cluster of clusters?

Yes, where every managed cluster exposes an isolated Kubernetes API.

It's a managed Kubernetes service that you can run anywhere you like, you can still leverage the public cloud (even on hybrid environments), but you are not tied to a specific public cloud Kubernetes managed offering.

Wow, nice work. How long did it take you to write this?

I see that you are using the Cluster API which is currently v1alpha1. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the state of this and how it has been to work with so far. It looks like you use Kind to bootstrap everything is that correct?

FYI Cluster API is now at v1alpha3!

Quickstart now has 7 target provider examples: https://cluster-api.sigs.k8s.io/user/quick-start.html

Thanks, it's been a while since I checked in on it. Good news. Cheers.

Thanks a lot! This version has been the work of two months in my spare time (it's true that with confinement I had some full weekends to spare!).

I'm not using Cluster API, but the oneinfra's defined set of API's, that are reduced in purpose, to reduce the complexity of spawning new clusters. Let me know if something doesn't click, I can help!

Sorry yes I saw the folder name under the apis folder and failed to look closer. Did you consider using the Cluster API and felt that it added too much complexity then? Looking forward to trying this out.

I wanted a different approach for this project when I started it, so what I knew was that I wanted to create a very narrow scoped Kubernetes as a service, that users can run on their infrastructure as easily as possible.

One thing that I knew oneinfra wouldn't do, funnily enough, was to create or manage infrastructure itself.

Similar to https://rancher.com/?

Oh wow, hehe, I wouldn't say so. Rancher is an off the shelf solution for many layers previous and after Kubernetes is set up, their solution is "complete" taking the ecosystem into account.

This is just an "in-house" Kubernetes managed service :)

How are people handling the cpu load of Kubernetes?

I still see cpu burning at around 40% or more with k8s clusters (in a full setup with encryption and service mesh and all things you need for production) without even rendering one useful payload - this seems a totally wrong strategy in a world where we want to reduce energy usage - seriously, how do we accept such an enormous step back?

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