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Show HN: ContactTracing.app – Covid contact check-ins
3 points by m_mmoli 61 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
While sat at home, in lock-down, my wife and I decided the best thing we could do was develop a webapp for volunteering information of contact between people and notifying friends and friends of friends in the event of transmission.


Privacy was baked in from day-1: No bluetooth. no tracking. Just usefulness.

A few weeks ago we joined a massive, online hackathon (https://devpost.com/software/contact-tracing-with-neo4j-graphql-and-react) and we've received overwhelming support. Translation happened overnight. New features are developing all the time.

Right now we rely on the generosity of cloud-hosting providers, but the free credits they've given will run out soon. We need support to keep going.

Data is available from a graphql endpoint. Fully anonymised.

Please help out. We've got a growing list of features and a list of bugs to fix too.

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