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Why? Because I'd need to wait 20 hours to get that critical life-changing email? If it was critical, someone could call my home phone, my cell phone, text me, actually have the local police stop by my apartment, etc.

This winter was pretty bad here in the US. More people (and much higher percentage of some company's user bases) lost power for longer periods of time in freezing temeratures.

More people die in a single day than the people who temporarily lost email access.

Sure, It'd suck in that period where I thought I lost all my emails, but all's well that ends well. Lets keep things in perspective. This was more of a "SHIT THE CABLE'S OUT" issue than a serious life changing problem for anyone affected.

It turns out that I was hit by this issue. And guess what - it was a big deal. For starters, it is a MONDAY here in Australia. There was no support information on this, and no help from Google.

Secondly, the login message was "Your account has been disabled". If I could log in, and there was a message that my email was being restored from backup because they had a failure - fine. That wasn't the case. They had disabled my Google Apps Administrator account (same account as my email), email was bouncing, and I couldn't log in to my email OR the administration interface. The "reset your password" and "unlock your account" links failed to unlock it.

Comparing an email outage to people's deaths is poor form. Of course they aren't the same. That doesn't make it an issue when email is a super important communication tool.

I've spilt out my admin and day-to-day accounts. I couldn't articulate why I thought it was a good idea but you've given me at least one!

So what if your admin account would be affected and your personal is not? Slightly less trouble, but still!

Sounds like a good idea. I should do that right now.

This is what free gets you!

Google Apps is not free.

There is a free Google Apps and a paid Google Apps ("for Business," formerly "Google Apps Premiere" http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/group/index.html)

But your boarder point still stands - the OP may well be a paying customer and he did not indicate he was using the free edition.

People who were affected had their entire Google accounts disabled, and upon trying to log in, they got exactly the same messages they would have gotten if Google had decided to delete the account for ToS abuse. Additionally, since the entire account (not just GMail) had to be disabled in order to repair things, stuff like shared google calendars went offline, so users whose accounts were not directly affected were getting misleading error messages, too.

And the bounces didn't stop until the end of the working day on Monday on the east coast.

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