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Wanted to learn Vue.js, built a 100% serverless app: Quarantine Notes (quarantinenotes.com)
4 points by grott on March 30, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

People all around the globe are in quarantine right now due to this pandemic situation we're facing.

These days can prove themselves to be quite lonely. Building a board for people to write their thoughts (anonymously if they want) seemed a good personal project for me to start learning Vue.

I would like very much to know your opinion on this. It is not rocket science, but it was fun to build and I think we could use it to share our notes about the situation we're living.

This was my side project in the past week, I used Serverless, DynamoDB, Flask, and Vue. take a look at the detailed post about it at: https://www.grott.me/programming/python/flask/serverless/dyn...

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