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Visual CSS Editor – Grab'n Go (veliovgroup.com)
126 points by dr_dimitru on March 29, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Was going to say this can all be done using the browsers dev-tools (which you can). But have to admit it's a nice interface and might come in handy from time to time.

Thank you for feedback. Hope it fill wind its place in your bookmarks :) Let me know if you missing something in its toolbox.

As you ask: Adobe Lightbox has a nice feature where a double-click on a slider returns it to the default. This would be nice for your filters.

Feature is added, not exactly in the way of clicking/tapping twice, but now it's easy to revert changes to default ones

Agreed, I recently spend more time working with css and html for a side project. This doesn't seem anything essential or novel.

On Firefox, if you have the bookmarks toolbar shown, and your window size is short enough, the scrollbar on the right does not allow you to scroll down far enought to see some of the tools on the bottom (Color goes first, then Style, etc, depending on how short the window is).

Other than that, it looks like it could be handy.

Thank you, going to double-check and apply fixes. We are already working on the fresh release. I'm glad you found it handy. Let me know if anything is missing in the toolbox.

A really nice 'toy' for experimenting with CSS and learning what get affected by what. I would like to see this extended to use the various blend modes. These can be tricky to play with in the browser and really the fun of them needs the interface you have going here.

Since it was published some time ago, it may miss some tools like blend modes. Working on update now :) Let me know if something else is missing in its toolbox.

Blend modes and many other CSS properties just landed in latest release

Safari has a really nice css editor as part of its devtools. The other visual editor I absolutely love is Figma. Well it's not a CSS editor but makes it quite simple to make visual designs and output it's css. I can see why Figma is growing like wildfire. It's simple, fast and collaborative.

Just landed a huge update, let me know wdyt

might not be novel or essential but I think it's very cool! well done OP! I really like the fact that it also works great on mobile!

Thank you for feedback, I'm glad you've found it to be useful. Agree, it's not novel, but can save few minutes of work when you need to tinker with a lot of CSS properties. And thanks for trying it on mobile, this was challenging UX task :)

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