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Show HN: Free Screen Share Party, No Install, No Login (ba.net)
97 points by fonosip 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

this looks very similar to this webrtc sample by muaz khan: https://www.webrtc-experiment.com/Pluginfree-Screen-Sharing/...

If you use his code you should reference him

Yes, it is a fork of webrtc-experiment.com, we reference Khan on the mit code at https://ba.net/screen-share-party/doc/opensource

Please give attribution more prominently. Like maybe on the about page.

As of this is just a blatant ripoff of someone else's work.

I still remember the glorious days when “party” meant dropping acid and a bunch of people getting naked in the spare room. Ah, the glorious days of...February.

But, sure, WebRTC. Let’s give it a shot.

OK this actually made me lol. Thank you.

Does anyone know of a tool like this for streaming high-quality photos? I’ve been playing some board games with friends using an iPhone on a mic stand - we couldn’t use video streaming tools because the quality has been all over the place (and you can’t zoom in on the board.) So right now we have a simple app that takes a high-quality photo every few seconds and uploads it to a web server where all the players can view it - their browsers are long-polling for new images.

But it seems that WebRTC could improve this by not requiring the server code. I also just wonder what else there is along these lines.

This doesn't directly answer your question, but I've shifted all of my board game playing to tabletop simulator and had a lot of success with that. I've been surprised and impressed by the quality and variety of games available as mods in the steam workshop.

Yeah - done some of that too.

I don’t know of one but I really wish there was at least a chromecast app for something like this. Not only isn’t there one but when I checked their API it has a limit of 720p for photos for some reason.

Whats the business model here? You still need turn servers if hole punching fails, and video is pretty bandwidth heavy.

"Up to 10 friends can view your screen. Limited by your CPU/RAM" - what hardware specifications are required for this limit? Could I invite more people with faster CPU and more RAM?

I imagine there isn’t a very clear spec per user because it depends on a lot of factors. I imagine you could share one video encode between many users but only if their bandwidth can accommodate the same bitrate. If not there might be two concurrent encodes.

I know modern Intel CPUs have hardware based transcoding for H264 but I’m not 100% sure whether WebRTC uses it.

You may want to check https://whereby.com/, it works on the same principle, but you get to choose your own URL suffix, thus making link sharing easier.

I didn't realize that WebRTC had screen sharing as part of it, maybe I'll try to make a toy version of this during my quarantine down time.

I developed something similar[1] last summer.

[1] https://jump.yaddu.pw

Looks like audio is not supported?

Scroll down on the page to add audio. You can add one-way audio broadcast. Or 2-way audio. Or Audio and Video Conference.

How’d you acquire that domain?

We were around in 1995 :)

haha wow, I totally missed that!

This show hn is blatant ripoff and fork of muaz khan's webrtc experiment.

That project is several years old.

This is HN after all, so no comment thread is complete without a bunch of nitpicking the Web site itself.

There's a bunch of grammatical errors on the site (space after exclamation mark, missing words), which prevents me from trusting it.

The design is also very... strange. It looks like a mess. (Sorry!)

There's that first logo "BA net" which looks pretty bad, like someone took someone elses app icon and used Paint to draw a rectangle and some text above it.

Everything around the header is positioned weirdly. My eyes don't know where to focus. There's no visual hierarchy. (Also, what's with that weird "party" icon at the right? At least make it the same size as the BA net logo, and align it to the top right.)

Above the header there's a sort of feature list, I thought it was a menu at first. Why use a period to separate items? Maybe move it down to the features list along with some context ("Here's what you can use it for...")

The big button looks ok, but it's encased in a grey border. Why is there a border around it?

Same with the feature list. The border just makes it look ugly. There's no padding to the left of the "Features" header, and the first item randomly doesn't have a border. Why?

Is anyone actually using those audio and text chat iframes? First of all, they're way to small to serve a practical purpose, and they also have a border again.

The operating system icons don't look nice against the grey background. Are they even needed?

Finally there's some mess in the bottom menu link items. Just a bunch of random stuff, I guess? Maybe just remove it, and use some proper CSS instead of periods and no-breaking space characters.

You're using a lot of boxes that don't align, sometimes there's a border, there's all sorts of different font sizes. It's kind of sloppy, which reflects poorly on the underlying product.

Yes, will polish during the quarantine

I have a different beef :) This is a tool for sharing personal information, but I couldn't spot anything close to an 'about us' / 'contact us', even a twitter link.

I wonder if that's on purpose. Or most people that might use this wouldn't care too much about the details?

The nice thing about WebRTC is that is p2p. All media info goes direct between users, no middle-man server.

There is some basic information to connect the peers. But we do not store any user info on ba.net. https://ba.net/screen/privacy.html

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