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Show HN: Business Name Generator Powered by AI (aidomainsearch.com)
86 points by mohit_agg 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 37 comments

Maybe you should add a /s? It is a joke right? If not it doesn't seem to be working, I'm just getting back my keyword with hundreds of suffixes.

Well, yes it currently adds or i should say AI "selects" suffixes but if you think about it, it's not an easy problem to solve. For example, if you want to add just 3 letters the possibilities are 26^3 or 17K, with 4 its > 450K. How do you select just a few hundred pronounceable relevant words? That's where AI comes in. I plan to display non-suffixed results as well in future. Thanks for the feedback!

It's cool, nice work.

If you change "Why use our name generator" to something along the lines of "What is this" you'll probably get less people thinking it's parody.

Ah sorry then, I meant no offense. Maybe some keywords work better than others.

Welcome to AI.

Far more A than I

Poe's law in action. Here is OP's earlier comment on the subject: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19165796

Well, I think it's awesome. I tried a few and it was impressive. Love the fonts and colours. Very nicely done. I was even getting new business ideas reading them all! Maybe call it Brandroid? :-) An appropriately machine-generated name.


Glad you liked it! :-) Brandroid sounds great!

I own brandroid.com and am open to giving it a good home. If you're interested, my contact information is publicly accessible via whois.

Big fan, I think I almost spend half an hour or so just trying random names, and I was not disappointed. The names were actually really good.

How does the AI behind this work? Is it okay to share? Anyway, it's just brilliant. Bookmarking this as I'll definitely be using it later :)

Some favorite Corona & Covid names:

Coronaxx, Coviddy, Coronadu, Covidled, Coronagra, CovidLife, Coronasaur, Coronakin, Coronamee

I put in Pokemon and saw Pokemondate in the list. I envision it would be a dating app for finding true love with another pokemon player.

The auto-generated fonts and logos are great! The site is a little bit slow from all the traffic right now, though.

For a fast and very simple name generator, I recommend https://startupname.website

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry about the slowness, working on it now

I love the concept!

I'd echo what one person said:

It takes 1 word and add suffixes. No need for "AI" to concatenate suffixes from a suffix/etymology dictionary-- I imagine the results are practically the same.

That said, again I really like the idea.

I would like it to support a phrase, however, instead of just one word. I tried a 3 word generation, and it only focused on the first word, and just added suffixes to it.

I'd like to be able to add 3-5 meaningful words to it, and it puts together a meaningful/catchy new word or 2. (i.e. brand name-- doesn't have to be a real word)

Also worth checking out is https://namelix.com/

It has a filter to only show names with an available domain name.

Awesome. But maybe add an option to disable domain checks? Because .com is not the only domain around...

I'm loving this as well!

I agree with @TomJansen - I think checking for other TLDs would be great. So far the best implementation of this I've seen has been iwantmyname.com. Check it out, it might help inspire you.

Kind of tangential, but even here on HN you can see how awkward people get with naming their projects/products. Either "stealing" an already established name from a completely different field or something so generic it's hardly searchable on the interwebs.

I don’t believe most start-up get “stolen,” there’s just a limited set of words and many are in use in different fields. Plus trademark expressly allows different marks by industry. A recent example here was a screen share app sharing the name with “screen,” the Unix tool. But shouldn’t that be okay? Most people won’t be confused between the two.

Apparently it didn't take long for an example to appear:


Based on name you'd think this library is for fuzzing? No, it's for fuzzy string matching. A "y" at the end would have disambiguated that.

Well, maybe not entirely, because there's still fuzzy logic, but that' 2 possibilities down from 3.

That, or the name is some trainwreck of letters that vaguely resembles a word

This is not very helpful in that it shows names whose .coms aren't even available.

It checks for .com availability but the checks are not 100% accurate at the moment.

How does it use AI?

I think it's meant to be a joke, poking fun at the "AI" that many systems claim to use these days.

It doesn't seem that way. Here is an earlier comment by the OP:

"the site uses many algorithms some of which are AI-based. AI does not always kick in or in other words its results are not always ranked higher. Try this search - https://aidomainsearch.com/?search=z . as you can see brand and composite have ai capabilities. We want to use ai more extensively in future."

Ref: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19165796 from the previous submission of the same tool here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19163302

Poe's law in action.

Wow, then... I don't like to be a hater, but honestly this is pretty terrible - all it seems to do is add random suffixes to a word you enter?!

Agreed: I seeded it with "enem" and it returned, among other suggestions, "enemyslut" and "enemakite."

Am I the only getting massive CPU Fan spin just visiting the website? On latest MacOS 10.15.4 Safari 13.1

As an idea for further monetization, provide links to the fonts used (assuming some could be affiliate)

This is pretty fun, I like the logo it creates too! Wish there was a specific ToS and license though

Tried searching multiple words but just keep getting a popup saying it can’t find any results

Maybe try some more common words. I didn't get any results for my first few searches ("worldbuilding", "terraforming", and "dimensional"), but got some for "writing" and "creating".

Vapedal - vaping attachments for cycles?

Just a friendly reminder to be careful and think twice before using any domain name search/generator service. Fairly frequently you'll find out that coincidentally it was registered not that long time ago and now is available for you at premium price - especially if it takes you a while to decide. Just use whois from command line.

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