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Endling (wikipedia.org)
31 points by etherio on March 28, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

> In Cut from history, author Eric Freedman describes endling as "a word with finality." He opines, "It is deep-to-the-bone chilling to know the exact date a species disappeared from Earth. It is even more ghastly to look upon the place where it happened and know that nobody knew or cared at the time what had transpired and why.

I got the exact same feeling seeing that photo of the Tasmanian Tiger. Extinctions aren't the fault of a single person, but it's still super sad that society couldn't (and can't) get its act together.

I wonder if the human endling has been born yet.

That’s both a dark thought and a great first sentence for a scifi story.


Which Youtuber or podcast had anything about that cause that's the 3rd time I see this link today

Are there any non-human-caused endlings? I couldn't find any in the wikipedia list.

All Endlings that counld not be cloned must be put back on nature to get at least a moral extinction.

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