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Show HN: Newzupp - An online news aggregator
9 points by jagira on Feb 28, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments
Newzupp is an online news aggregator, which aggregates news/links/articles from various sites. [Digg, Reddit, HN, Tweetmeme and FB as of now]. The site is updated every 10 minutes.

URL - http://newzupp.com

I am planning to include many more sites, improve the ranking logic, show stats for a front page story (Ranking over a period of time) and add couple of more features.

The initial idea was to build a site, through which anybody with a browser/smartphone can share link/image/video from anywhere in realtime. I even started working on it, but dropped the idea because of time constraints. If everything goes fine, I will gradually migrate to that idea.

The source is online on github - https://github.com/jagira/newzupp

Please provide your feedback, suggestions and tips.

Looks nice - I'm personally interested in seeing a filtered frontpage based on my personal likes and dislikes.

It is on the cards. But before that I will have to implement login (using OAuth: FB + Twitter).

Thanks for the feedback, though.


Look out for more via github.

Edit: Added clickable link: http://newzupp.com :)

Edit-2: The source code link on About page points to self (instead of github).

Fixed. Thanks for notifying. :-)

I have documented the building process - http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2271949

An aggregator for aggregators?

Looks nice and solid, but where's the added value?

There is no added value, per se.

My vision is to build a dashboard, which would enable the user to view the trend for a word/link on various social networks.

If you can automatically detect and merge duplicate URL's shared across all these sites, that's enough added value for me!

Nice idea. But you will have to add some more features soon.

Working on user registration and adding more sites features.

Awesome idea!!!

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