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Show HN: RxResume – A free and open-source resume builder (web.app)
240 points by AmruthPillai on March 28, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 66 comments

There is also https://resumake.io/ which generates resume as a latex document. Github repo https://github.com/saadq/resumake.io

Wow, I did not know about this one. And it's pretty amazing, both design-wise and functionality-wise. Kinda makes mine seem pretty boring :D

Kudos to the developer :)

Something similar: https://cv.me/ . But yours has more templates that i like.

yours is super awesome!

This is a great app! But it is so weird seeing photos on a CV. In the UK it is almost totally unheard of. And most large organisations will have an HR department which would blank them out.

Your CV is for judging your work history and experience. What can I learn from a photo that I would legally be able to take a decision about?

Photographs on a Resume, I've heard is a standard in the EU. That's what I was told when I was applying to Jobs in Germany. And it's pretty common here in India as well.

But I completely understand where you are coming from. Photos can cause bias in the hiring process and it's certainly debatable. That's why I've provided the option to either add an image or not have one, and designed the templates especially to fit both use cases.

Not at all, yes it is a requirement in traditional German companies, but not in most EU countries nor in German companies that are now fully digital in their hiring process.

In Portugal and Spain for example, it is long not welcomed that people send resumes with pictures.

It's a requirement to have your picture on your resume? That seems rather antiquated and bias producing...

For very traditional companies, yes.

You even have photography shops specialized in doing CV photos.


For certain of them you will also get points, if the CV is delivered in a nice portfolio folder, and there are whole sites dedicate to how you should organise the contents of it.


Thankfully due to the uniformization of employment rules across UE and the fight against discrimination, that is slowly going away, specially in digital industry where you just get to send a PDF or fill out a form, instead of that bureaucratic process.

But if you are applying to a company where work colleges still talk to each other with formal "Sie" after working together for decades alongside each other, then expect that process to still be the way how everything rolls.

I remember a lot of this from when I lived in Germany.

I also seem to remember -- can you either correct me, or confirm this -- in these same companies that expect the photo resume, don't they expect your full salary history as well?

There is a saying, "He who talks money first loses." In the US, I'm certain that I've never seen a resume with salary figures.

While we're on Germany, why is it common practice in the German press to specify the age of any person in a print article? Even when it is irrelevant to the content of the article?

No idea actually.

I also always found it strange.

That’s really interesting! I’ve never gotten a resume with a photo here in the US.

In the US there is a lot of law that makes employment discrimination illegal for a number of classes of people.

IANAL: I don't know if it is outright illegal to request a picture but it sure seems like a great way to open yourself up to a lawsuit.

> Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin > the Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA), which protects men and women who perform substantially equal work in the same establishment from sex-based wage discrimination > the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), which protects individuals who are 40 years of age or older > Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended (ADA), which prohibit employment discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in the private sector, and in state and local governments > the Civil Rights Act of 1991, which, among other things, provides monetary damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination.


In the US a resume with a photo will be discarded immediately by most companies. I suspect companies have written policies that say no photo resumes allowed.

The simple reason is that a photo just opens up a ton of bias accusations. There is literally 0 information a photo can provide that can be legally used to make hiring decisions, but on the other hand, there are a whole host of biases it can introduce.

Then you shouldn,t be allowed to put your name on your application either.

This is why some people choose to use their initials.

It used to be the expected norm, but nowadays a lot of the larger companies actively say they don't want pics, and depending on job sector, more and more people tend to not include them regardless.

Also the address can be used to harass or stalk women. My friend had her address in her resume and uploaded it to naukri.com. Some random guy showed up at her doorstep claiming that he had a job for her. They called the police immediately and he ran away. It was crazy and tools like this can add a note about the potential security implications.

Woah, that sounds scary. Can't say that I don't believe it though. Some people are just that creepy.

For the context of this app and in general, I would agree.

While I was at PyCon, I had prepped a version of my resume that had my photo on it, and during the job fair I shared them with folks and companies that interested me.

I figured, if there's any chance of someone remembering a person and wanted to recommend them, a photo would go well with the name and info. But maybe it was ineffective :) I didn't think it would hurt to include, at the very least.

I read lots of CVs in the UK and do occasionally get pictures from non-natives. I find it very odd and would strongly discourage people from doing it. I'm not going to give you a job because of the way you look. I don't even care if you're human. You could be a dog but if you've got the chops and fit the team then I'll pay you in crunchy dog treats if that's what you want. I just don't understand what people are trying to achieve with their picture on the CV.

Perfectly put. And employment agencies in the UK could not care less about your photo. Source: I worked[1] for one.

[1] I initially typed that as 'whored'. FYI.

I think it has something to do with "bio data" format that govt uses in India.

This is literally the best thing ever. I love the fact that you have everything I could ever want - colors, refresh the screen right away, and different designs too.

Bonus points for keeping everything offline because if I use this I would be afraid you would be keeping track of my keystrokes as I type in all of my personal information into the form. < - Please don't ever do this, anyone who may read this comment.

Hey there!

Thank you so much :) That was exactly what I was going for, complete privacy and complete customization possibilities. Plus, a lot of my friends keep saying that I have good resume design skills as I've made mine, and I used to release templates as PSD or Figma documents previously, but not everyone could edit them, so that's why I made this :)

I would never ever make it monetized or put ads or collect personal data in any sort of way. In all honesty, the only thing I have on the site is a Google Analytics script, and that's just to see how many people are using the site (to fuel my ego :D). But even that can be disabled if you use few browser extensions.

I really hope you keep using the app, please do let me know how I can make the experience much better :) Thank you!

> and that's just to see how many people are using the site (to fuel my ego :D)

Depending on whether you have access to your server logs, consider using something like GoAccess [1] instead.

Kudos for your project :)

[1] https://goaccess.io/

I am working on a "post-resume" product that helps developers express their skills, interests and preferences in a way that seeks to better connect devs to opportunities and eliminate the repetitive and low value questions in most phone screens.

It's very alpha, but I'd love to hear what folks think. Here's an example profile:


I plan to ship a public GraphQL API that makes your data available for any use you can imagine, including generating a "standard" resume or building a personal website.

I started typing in a hex colour, and the page disappeared. And it’s persistently broken. (This is probably the biggest problem with storing persistent data, even including persistent caches of server data: if it’s broken, it stays broken. A great strength of the web historically was that reloading the page made things work again.)

Other than that, it looked better than most such things I’ve seen.

Hmm, that's weird. I had stress-tested the color options as much as I could. Even now, when I enter gibberish in the text field, it just doesn't do anything as the CSS is invalid. No reason the app should crash.

But anyway, I'll try to add some validation across the app so that this doesn't happen again. For now, to fix any issues at all, you only need to clear your local storage of the site. Here's how you can clear Local Storage on Chrome (https://www.leadshook.com/help/how-to-clear-local-storage-in...), similar steps for other browsers too.

Please let me know if that resolved the issue temporarily for you.

Still hitting problems. I enter some details, pick what I think is the third theme, choose a shade of orange, then in the accent colour field press backspace, and it dies.

  TypeError: "can't access property "r", r is null"
    ye Gengar.js:7
    React 7
    unstable_runWithPriority scheduler.production.min.js:19
    React 9
    unstable_runWithPriority scheduler.production.min.js:19
    React 18
    251 index.js:20
    i (index):1
    70 main.f5214b72.chunk.js:1
    i (index):1
    t (index):1
    r (index):1
    <anonymous> main.f5214b72.chunk.js:1
  TypeError: can't access property "r", r is null

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation on how to recreate the bug. I found it and squashed it, the new version should be up soon. Sorry for the inconvenience, hope the app works fine for you now :)

Ah, I did something similar at some point when looking for a job.

Only has a single template though. But my main concern was being able to export to both word and pdf, because recruiters always want word documents.


I really like the way the templates look on yours :)

May have to try and implement live preview myself.

On MSWord format vs PDF:

Whilst interviewing people, if I know their resume came via a recruiter, I tend to ask for their real one. The reason is not to cut the recruiter out of the process. Rather, it is to make sure the resume (and the questions about its content) are based on an unaltered version. Sadly, some recruiters will modify a resume to fit the position description, and the process, make claims on behalf of the candidate which are... untrue.

So, PDF, being more difficult to modify, seems safer.

Oh, I agree as a hiring manager, but as an applicant I just cannot be bothered to keep replying that I don’t have a word version.

I used to say they can get it in either PDF or JSON ;)

That's actually a pretty great attempt. I have a lot to learn from your application as well. There are quite a lot of sections that I have omitted, which might be helpful for others. What did you use to build the app with? If React, maybe you can consider contributing to this project and making it as good as yours? :)

Yeah, it’s all React, well, mostly React, the Word and PDF rendering happens on an express backend.

I doubt I’m going to have any time to contribute, but I’ll have a look.

Did you base your schema on jsonresume? I did that with a few extensions.

This is really great! It's easy to use, intuitive, and overall just really well done.

Small heads up, there are many dead scrollbars: https://i.imgur.com/FImuHVn.png

If you are developing on OSX, I recommend turning on scrollbars to make detecting dead scrollbars easier.

Oh, man. This has been a problem ever since I moved to macOS. Thank you so much for the heads up. Will fix it ASAP.

And thank you very very much, I really hope you continue to use the app and please do let me know if there's anything I can do to help make the experience much better :)

Do you support a feature like importing data from jsonresume.org. One nice thing about jsonresume is the json data is hosted in gist and once I append it to jsonresume.org/registry[github handle], I can view my resume directly in browser.

The structure of JSON I've designed is a bit better than JSON Resume as it has options to customize headings for the sections, this allows for multilingual resumes with no development effort necessary.

But I will definitely look into the option in which uploading a Gist or something would generate the resume as well, it shouldn't be that difficult.

I've encountered some bugs on Safari. When attempting to scroll through the categories on the left and right sides, the selected entries are not visible.

Screenshot: https://ibb.co/SKxjMFf

Tested on: Safari 13.1 / MacOS 10.15.4

It looks OK on Opera 67.

I'm not able to recreate the issue on my Macbook. It's the same, 13-inch MBP, macOS 10.15.4


Interesting... will try to replicate the same and get it fixed ASAP. Thank you so much for reporting the same :)

Really love this, nice job!

Curious, do you have any interest in having the ability to import/export from the various cloud storage vendors (Dropbox, GDrive, possibly even Github Gist), or do you feel like it would go against the offline/"no servers" theme of the app?

It kinda touches on the border of not being offline, I don't know. A user would be able to just as easily upload the JSON to their respective Cloud Storage Provider, it would be a pain to support all of the major ones since there are so many.

Maybe when there's a clear need of one or more cloud services, this could be explored?

Right, I was thinking the same thing, that you can easily just upload the file. The reason I thought of it is I showed this to my wife (who absolutely loves this btw!) and she immediately seemed confused when I explained the need to export the file. I've since convinced her but I wonder if this will not be obvious to those without a techie showing them?

Anyways if you are interested in adding this feel free to give me a ping I'd be happy to help! daniels.bytes at the google (daniel-bytes on Github). Again amazing job on this! <3

This is a very nice resume builder. I like the aesthetics and will port my current LaTeX CV over to this next time I am on job search. Would be awesome if you could add "export as HTML" functionality so it can be hosted on webpages too.

I've been getting that feature request a lot, and if you are aware of any libraries that would print out minified HTML+CSS of a certain div/section, please do let me know. That's what I'm struggling with here since the whole thing is in React + Tailwind CSS, very connected to the build process.

Nice UI! A few comments:

- It would be nice to be able to see a preview of the template in full size

- How do you export the résumé at the end?

- I couldn't find the code. Where is it?

Thank you so much :)

I'll definitely look into what can be done about those previews. Right now, it's not that hard to just load the dummy data (from the Actions Tab) and cycle through the templates, but I'll look into making the process easier.

As for the export options, as defined in the Actions Tab, you can print the resume at any time and the browser has options to print as PDF. Also, you can export the data as JSON and import it back again, keeping it completely portable.

The GitHub Repository can be found here: https://github.com/AmruthPillai/Reactive-Resume

There is an About Tab as well which has the link to the repository from within the app :)

Oh, I didn't see the action time the first time. Maybe that should be more easily accessible/visible.

The dummy data loading, that's exactly what I was looking for when I suggested adding a bigger template preview.

Really good project. The only issue that I am facing is entire resume is messed up while printing it from Firefox.

Everything else is perfect!

Oh, yeah. I just noticed that. I guess that's an issue with Firefox's parsing of print CSS. Really unfortunate for them to not adhere to so many print CSS rules, considering Mozilla is pretty good when it comes to adopting new web technologies.

Sadly, I can't suggest any fix except using Safari or Chrome for now. I will look into what can be done to fix the issues regarding Firefox soon. Thank you for bringing this to my attention :)

At my work we’ve run into a similar issue with inconsistencies with print styles. To solve this we used a separate server with a library to convert the doc to a pdf, then gave that file to the user for printing. This may be overkill for this use case but it’s an option to look at.

I tried in Chrome as well and the same thing happens. I actually created 2 page spanning resume and it does not print properly.

Very nice other than the picture. I suppose one could upload their family crest or something.

IN mainland China, pictures are used to filter out the pretty people.

This is amazing, thanks for making this for free.

This is a really neat project! Good job.

Thank you so much :)

Love the app and approach to privacy.

Thank you so much :)

Not that I use it, but do really like this initiative to make resumes machine readable:


I did check out JSON resume, a bit later after I made this, but the schema that I'm using it's too far fetched from what JSON Resume uses, and with a few tweaks, like adding an ID field, or adding heading tags (so that resume sections headings can be in any language of the user's choice). The JSON I've made is a bit more flexible that way, specific to the application. Maybe this could be the new standard? (hehe)

Yeah I really like this better. JSON is terrible to write manually.

Still I respect their effort to try. Machines are already parsing resumes for keywords anyway.

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