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I've had debilitating sleep onset insomnia (1-2 hour sleep onset latency) for my entire life, and I cured it with the Dreem 2 headband[1].

Unlike accelerometer-based sleep trackers (fitbit, Apple Watch et. al), the Dreem 2 is EEG-based. I can't trick it into thinking I'm sleeping by just holding very still.

Now I effectively get a free sleep study done on me every night, which is AMAZING for N=1 randomized control studies on myself (ex: do I sleep better with earplugs? an eye mask? how many days after a bad night of sleep do I feel cognitive impairment? how much does blue light before bed affect my sleep onset latency?). Clean data I could trust was vital to figuring out how teach myself to sleep like a human again.

My most recent sleep report from Dreem says I've logged 181 nights wearing this headband. It's amazing. It enabled the single biggest improvement to my life in the last decade.

It's expensive, and it's so much cheaper than a sleep study that only measures a single unusual night.

I've been tooting Dreem's horn on twitter for a while, so they gave me a promo code that I think gets you 5-ish percent off: GENCO

I also recommend:

* a Manta sleep mask[2] and/or blackout curtains. Aim for pitch black if you open your eyes in bed at night. Cover any small lights in your bedroom with aluminum tape (it's light proof)

* silicone ear plugs[3]. They're actually comfortable, and you can sleep on your side without them jamming into your ear

* the Coup adjustable-loft pillow[4]. Your pillow is more important for bed comfort than your mattress (particularly your neck angle). While I'm on the topic: I'm not convinced mattresses matter nearly as much as people think. The best sleep I've gotten so far is on an ~$80 cot mattress from Amazon.

* if you sleep with a partner that sleeps hotter or colder than you, get a Chilipad[5]. Kicking your leg in and out to regulate temperature is keeping you from sleeping deeper.

Also, if you snore, that's called sleep apnea and you're suffocating while you're asleep. Get that fixed immediately. You can pick up used CPAP machines on craigslist for a few hundred dollars.

Also AMA about sleep here on on twitter @cgenco. This shit is really important to get right.

I've got an article in progress better summarizing all this stuff that will be live at https://gen.co/sleep in the next few weeks :)

1. https://imgur.com/a/3FsK39j 2. https://mantasleep.com/ 3. https://www.amazon.com/Macks-Pillow-Soft-Silicone-Earplugs/d... 4. https://amzn.to/3dvoWKP 5. https://www.chilitechnology.com/

“[Dreem 2] enabled the single biggest improvement to my life in the last decade.”

Awesome, can you elaborate? I’m interested in how they combine AI with EEG for better sleep tracking. Also, have you experienced any discomfort from wearing a headband full of tech all night?

The only health tracker I’ve really used is the Withings Smart Scale. Even though it’s not super sophisticated and the non-weight measurements (like muscle mass) are unreliable, it helps me keep my weight in check.

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