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I am not a fan of Chávez or Maduro or Evo Morales and that sort. There was some more optimism when that political wave started, and I in particular used to be more optimistic about them than I am today. This is probably true of a number of American left leaning people.

I have not been to Cuba. I hope to some day. (I speak fluent Spanish btw and hear about these places in their original, local non-US sources.) I do understand that they are said to have good health care outcomes, which is especially remarkable given how the rest of their economic system is going. The United States health care system is very terrible.

> Here's a video [2] where Chavez is seizing the means of production on national TV.

Yeah he does look kind of like a dumbass appropriating buildings on a whim without investigation or any kind of review (for the TV cameras and that silly applause), that was pretty much his way, but it's important to note that Bernie Sanders is not Hugo Chávez and can't be held responsible for the actions of another person, living or dead.

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