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> if your site has been added to the home screen and your web app manifest has a value for the “display” property like “standalone” or “full screen”, the seven day timer doesn’t apply

IMO this is 100% fully reasonable as a design decision from Apple. "Regular websites" should not be able to use my device as permanent storage. 7 days is more than enough.

By having users add an app to the homescreen, it creates this great UX divide where users know that this isn't a "regular website" because it is "installed" on their phone.

I actually think this is a clever decision coming from Apple. Yes, it messes with your flow, and now you have to add a 2-sentence banner telling your users to add your app to the homescreen. No, just because it creates a small UX roadbump for your website does not mean that Apple should compromise on privacy and security.

I would probably buy this if Apple also provided a standard way to let users know that a site may be installed to the home screen, as they do with native apps.

Currently, they do not. Perhaps they will, if the outcry over this catches their attention.

99% of ios users won't use this option as it's not exactly clear.

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