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I don't take indies into consideration on my remark, consoles and mobile OS is where the money is, and none of those languages have a place there currently, with exception of Swift on iOS.

Kotlin, Swift and Javascript are in plenty of mobile games. There are loads of HTML5 games on Steam. There are Switch games written in Ruby.

I get the impression you're an outsider looking in, relying on decades out of date personal experience to understand what they see.

Those are indie games.

Naturally Kotlin and Swift are in mobile games, they are part of the user space official SDK languages

I know for a fact that teams at EA are using such tech, as are teams at Microsoft and others.

Also, thumbing your nose at Indie games is odd, considering the sales they've enjoyed and the extent to which the industry has adjusted to adapt to their surge in popularity.

I can't imagine Nintendo in the 90s treating indie devs the way it treats them today.

Everyone is using Swift and Kotlin when targeting iOS and Android, it is either them or Objective-C and Java.

C++ doesn't have full access to OS APIs and some integration is always required.

What's your point? That you agree that game developers are using new technology?

Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, Java are unavoidable when doing iOS and Android development, the OS features that are exposed to C and C++ aren'tt enough for doing a game.

Adoption is driven by platform owners.

And many mobile games are just C++ anyways.

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