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I think there could be latency because of the buffering.

A solution could be to stop the movie for everyone, get the timecode. Send everyone the new timecode and start the movie from there after the countdown.

(heck, this could even be a sync/break feature. If someone’s internet connection gets disrupted everyone can stop and sync. Or if they want a movie break, they can do it like this.)

Metastream already does this and it has to manually support a few hundred sites and the experience is truly awful. There are some sites where you have to manually enable autoplay but you know what? Most people will forget to do that. So now your little movie night is a major tech support waste of time. The need to constantly ask "are you synced?" Gets old pretty fast. Screen sharing is the way to go in my opinion but most capture programs capture the audio of the entire desktop. I have already created my own solutions for these problems.

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