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I personally don’t like people talking when watching a movie or a TV show. It’s fine if they exclaim or laugh or gasp depending on the situation (and not being too loud), but anything that’s some kind of speech or commentary makes me lose bits of what I’m watching and want to focus on.

With streaming video, I can pause, rewind and then continue. But in this case, that would no longer be in sync with where the others are. The biggest advantage of streaming is being able to take breaks and continue at any point in time. I’m not sure how well this platform would work if there are many people and each one decides to take a break at a separate time (making others wait if they wish to be somewhat in sync).

This may work better if participants pre-decide how many breaks will be taken and approximately at what times or points.

It would be fun for stupid stuff though that doesn't really matter- you and your friends could chat and make fun of it MST3k style.

Some friends and I have started doing this with terrible movies, straight-to-DVD Steven Seagal/Nicolas Cage style stuff. Problem is we're all starting the movie at very slightly different times, like within 15 seconds but still sometimes hard to guess what people are referencing. Oh, and we don't use voice chat, it's just Whatsapp. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable piping up in a group of ten or twelve, some of whom I haven't met, I much prefer typing a joke, and am a fast enough typist that I'm not too much behind the action I'm writing about.

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