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Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft. I have no particular info on this, but I did read the article _yesterday_ over breakfast, followed links to complaints, etc., and would like to point out two things:

1. This appears to be a UK-centric thing (and those datacenters don't have the full Azure portfolio, as can be seen here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/global-infrastructure/serv...)

2. The very last paragraph on the linked article reads: "Note that Azure is a huge service and it would be wrong to give disproportionate weight to a small number of reports. Most of Azure seems to be working fine. That said, capacity in the UK regions was showing signs of stress even before the current crisis, so it is not surprising that issues are occurring now."

All of this is public info, so maybe people should read up on facts first? :)

Not sure if it is UK only issue. Couldn't start a VM yesterday in other European regions. Today I have some other problems with azure search services.

P.S.: Thanks for the downvotes, I needed a reminder of the HN reaction to pointing out things people gloss over in articles...

We're having problems creating VMs and databases in West Europe and North Europe, so it's not just a UK problem.

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