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> It is not this community's place to care about individual feelings. We leave that to the individuals. The internet is a big place, you should prepare yourself to deal with it.

Leaders who don’t take their responsibility for leadership seriously are very bad leaders, as we have had demonstrated for us quite recently.

I hope that groups replace their leaders who think this way.

It's absurd to claim that we need "leaders" on random single-purpose software projects. It's a git repo, not a commune. I think that's part of what makes these CoCs so ridiculous; they generally don't have any consequence except insofar as the presence of the CoC itself is a kind of social-political signal.

If the scale of a project is such that leadership is actually important, it's 1000x more useful to e.g. form a nonprofit than to slap a list of behavioral proscriptions on contributors.

What good is a leader if they allow the workers to be run off in favor of layabouts?

I think that the dichotomy you propose is a false one. There are many options besides “let noncontributing SJWs flameshame everyone away” and “be inconsiderate jerks who don’t care at all about the effects our communications have on others”.

A “reasonable person” test can be applied to judge these things. It’s not very popular because it isn’t a strict, objectively-applied code, which is what hackers generally prefer, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good and workable solution.

As hackerdom gets more mainstream and the mean moves closer to neurotypical, these sorts of non-objective “if they are being mean, kick them out” ideas are gaining popularity without meanness having to be strictly, objectively defined.

These people are trying to make a political statement with this CoC; they are solving a problem that doesn’t exist (or is solved by simply not having one without proclaiming loudly how not-having-one you are). It strikes me as YAGNI.

Unless you like being an asshole, just don’t have a public, defined CoC (just an unwritten informal “no assholes”) and quietly kick out any assholes who show up.

I don't understand, how will that happen? Any examples?

Is that agreement or disagreement with the parent poster?

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