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Did my computer O level in 86. No reference to the BBC Micro at all. Punch cards tho. Punch cards were something I needed to know about. I had a BBC Micro at home and the O level seemed like something from the 1800s. Turned me off formal computer science education until Andrew Ng's machine learning course decades later.

But the literacy program convinced my mum and dad to buy the BBC Micro in the first place, and I learned to program 6502, and then ARM2 on its successor, and right now I have a job and am very thankful for it, and for my parents foresight.

In 86 that's what industry was using

Sure. Past-based. By the time I was in college, microcomputers were everywhere and still not a focus of college courses. I get that there is bound to be lag, but I'm replying to parent about whether they were geographically unfortunate, and my sample of one says "no"; it sucked where I grew up too.

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