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Could you maybe elaborate more on how to achieve this with Java, i.e., run an entire week and never get GCed? I would imagine that using immutable types is one of the tricks used in such a scenario.

You would (among other techniques) use something like Stormpot to maintain Object pools to release and acquire instances from.

Object pools typically can't match the GC on latency and throughput, however they do provide a lot more predictable and stable performance.

You basically write Java as C++, you don't use any builtins, write everything yourself from pure java.

I know you said "almost" but you don't have to re-write huge amounts to achieve zero gc and very low latency. There are open source tools, eg. agrona, aeron, that get you a lot of the way there.

And I'd imagine sun.misc.Unsafe is used quite often too.

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