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I'm still wondering how people manage to get bored in today's age.

You have millions of journals, books, music tracks, tv shows, films and video games. You have tutorials on youtube to learn new skill, such as cooking, yoga, DIY, coding, etc. You can chat, phone or email to all your relatives and friends.

You can take the opportunity to produce something, write, build, create, imagine. Even without a computer you can write or draw.

You can take time for yourself, sleep more, meditate, rest, do things slowly.

Please explain it to me, I genuinely don't understand.

We're social animals, this is hardcoded part of our brain. Managing solitude require training as anything else.

Solitude and boredom is not the same.

I understand solitude. You have a need. It's not fulfilled.

I don't get boredom: I see so many ways to fulfill this need.

People were busy with other things than youtube or TVs. If you suddenly destroy their routine they will have to discover the internet for the first time.

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