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Ask HN: Covid virulence in Islamic states where women are veiled
7 points by jelliclesfarm 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
If masks are supposed to be retarding spread of covid, has anyone collected data on covid virulence wrt gender in countries where the genders are segregated and the women are veiled?

That's dated 2013 and is talking about Coronavirus.

Is that correct? Am I missing something?

MERS also is a coronavirus, and before getting that label was also just called a "novel coronavirus".


> Initially called 2012 novel coronavirus (2012-nCoV) or simply novel coronavirus (nCoV), it was first reported in 2012 after genome sequencing of a virus isolated from sputum samples from a person who fell ill in a 2012 outbreak of a new flu.

Thanks. So cultural social distancing while not a way to combat virulence did its job.

It makes me think of the indian caste system. The diet was also proscribed according to caste. And this lead to more co mingling of members of the same community genetically etc.

Disclosure: I am Indian and when I was a child, I was not allowed to touch even members of my own family esp the women(grandmother, mom, aunts as they were in charge of the kitchen) if I came home from outside. We were kids and teens and we would enter through the rear veranda and shower before entering the kitchen or mingle with the rest of the family.

It was the same with utensils and bed linens. We never shared any of this. We had a separate set of utensils for guests and for the help. In the villages, during illnesses, the house will be marked and sometimes even the entire village will be quarantined with no one entering and exiting. This was especially true for chicken pox and fevers and malaria...I suppose it was too for small pox before it was eradicated.

When a house is marked a sick house, milk, vegetables and food will be delivered by the vendors at door step and until the house is deemed healthy again, no one will be in contact with them.

In a way, we are dealing with covid 19 the same way..but with technology. I find myself meandering in my mind and wool gathering with this..might come back with more thoughts.

Thank you.

And where women are already prohibited from leaving their homes unescorted?


What are you talking about?

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