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Also having worked for a hedge fund, they're generally going to do their best to get you at the lowest salary possible. The overall benefits might be good, but they're going to do their best to low ball on the salary, "you'll make it up at bonus time!" Bullshit, You have to negotiate with hedge funds and be willing to walk away from a shit offer. I started at one a year out of college. Made 3x what I did as an intern. I was happy, at first. You can budget around a salary for rent, utilities, etc. You can't budget hoping for a bonus to make ends meet.

Took me about 3 years to realize I was being paid half of my coworkers doing the same to lesser jobs as mine. Took me resigning with an offer in hand for twice what I was making before they upped their offer. I stayed for another 3 years before I got so fed up with the bullshit I actually left for a lower paying job (also less stress).

There is another, more sinister reason for low base: typically if you have a non compete and are forced into a one year garden leave, they can get way with paying you just the low base.

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