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I learned mips in a college class and quite enjoyed it. How does mips compare to C64 asm? I don't know any other asm besides mips (unless zachtronics games count) and but have been playing around with the idea of writing a simple asm OS. Would C64 asm be a good choice? I've also heard that m68k asm is nice. How do the three compare?

6502 has three 8 bit registers, A, X and Y. X and Y are used for indirect addressing and the like. MIPS has 32 32bit registers, or 64bit and maybe floats and doubles, and you can use any of them for anything. 68k is more like a bigger 6502 than a MIPS. Personally I prefer programming a RISC chip (like the MIPS or an ARM), but the choice to make is more around the complexity of the other hardware, than the CPU itself. For assembly, the Nintendo 64 was the sweet spot, IMHO, as it was the last one where we ran as the kernel and could do anything.

I haven't done any MIPS assembly. But 6502 assembly is very simple. The only tricky bit is the instruction set is very non orthogonal. m68k though is very cleanly octagonal.

MIPS is highly orthogonal.

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