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This just sounds like a great reason to not use Safari. I switched to iOS recently, but I’m a dedicated Firefox user, so I personally don’t touch it except when I’m forced to by other apps opening links. (I was honestly REALLY disappointed in Apple when I realized that you’re not allowed to set a default browser besides safari, but that’s another story)

Forgive me, I’m a long time Android user, but do a lot of people choose to use safari as their main iOS browser, or are the usage numbers inflated because of the vendor lock in?

All browsers on iOS are webkit (read: safari) under the hood. Firefox and Chrome are just skins.

Thanks for correcting my ignorance :) that makes more sense.

"do a lot of people chose to use safari" No. On iOS, www = safari to almost all users.

Thanks for pointing this out. Always had Android before, now I see.

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