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similar to netflixparty.com except:

- it also supports prime/youtube/vimeo

- it has an audio/video chat instead of a simple text chat

- it doesn't require a chrome extension

- it doesn't actually sync across the viewers? (start time, play/pause)

does it mean you can literally support other platforms without any integration?

>it doesn't actually sync across the viewers? (start time, play/pause)

What is even the point then? It's litearlly the only feature I expect from such service.

From the description on homepage:

> Wait until the countdown hits zero and your movie night starts

So it does sync across viewers (I haven't actually tried it yet).

It syncs the start time. As it works without a browser extension I can not sync the actual movie as I do not get the information.

What I am planing to do is to allow a later join into the movie night by calculating how much time has passed since the movie night start and then send the late attendee to that time code in the movie. Not supported by all services tough :/

I agree and that's why I pointed it out. you could literally just put any URL to any website and call it a party if there is no sync capabilities.

As written ion the page, it would be able to support any website on the internet, as it does a simple redirect to the website on countdown 0.

What I want to provide is an auto start and a jump to timecode 0. All platforms that allow that via query parameters can be supported by binge together :D

I think there could be latency because of the buffering.

A solution could be to stop the movie for everyone, get the timecode. Send everyone the new timecode and start the movie from there after the countdown.

(heck, this could even be a sync/break feature. If someone’s internet connection gets disrupted everyone can stop and sync. Or if they want a movie break, they can do it like this.)

Metastream already does this and it has to manually support a few hundred sites and the experience is truly awful. There are some sites where you have to manually enable autoplay but you know what? Most people will forget to do that. So now your little movie night is a major tech support waste of time. The need to constantly ask "are you synced?" Gets old pretty fast. Screen sharing is the way to go in my opinion but most capture programs capture the audio of the entire desktop. I have already created my own solutions for these problems.

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