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Why the hell does a regular website need to know what OS and CPU architecture I got?

I can already see the permission pop ups for those:

> for best performance this website would like to know what type of device you are using?

While requesting every single "hint" and there is "ok" button and greyed out "read more or declide this request" tiny line.

The browser isn't for "regular" websites, it's for all websites.

And believe it or not, there are crazy JavaScript bugs that are OS-dependent.

I remember when I was writing a library around the audio API, and the ways it behaved on Chrome were different across Macs, Windows and Android. Detecting the OS with the user-agent string was literally the only way to build code that would work.

Now I've never personally come across that for the CPU architecture, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if there were behavioral differences between 32-bit and 64-bit processors somewhere that affects some JavaScript function or HTML5 call somewhere.

Visitor metrics -> audience segmentation / fingerprinting -> advertisers

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