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I agree with the posts saying most are of little to no value, maybe even negative considering anxiety from monitoring. I think a decent proxy for obstructions is a good pulse oximeter.

I would also recommend getting your vitamin D levels checked. The normal range is far below what you should be at from my experience. 60-80ng/ml is an ideal range ("normal" from my lab is anywhere from 30-100) from what I've read. Can start supplementing and seeing if it helps.


60-80? That seems high - I don't think you could be at that without taking a lot of supplements every day.

I think 30 is the lab normal (and it was recently raised to 30 from 20) - though a lot of people are below that when tested.

Recent research (as in the last 10 years) seems to suggest that current RDI is at least an order of magnitude lower than it should be. I have no medical background, but anecdotally, it has helped my sleep a lot. I'm generally a supplement skeptic, but currently taking 6k IU a day.

There's no guarantee that the optimum Vitamin D level is one that the skin can synthesize under even optimal conditions.

It might be. But it could also be more.

Sure - I’m just skeptical that the optimal level is one you could never get without a lot of supplements.

Doesn’t mean that isn’t true, but I’d need more to be persuaded.

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