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BY FAR Sleep As Android (previously called like Sleep As Droid or Sleep Droid or something -- it went through a couple of name changes a few years ago when the founder made a company out of it). Developed by a team from Eastern Europe, founded by a dude who was like a sleep science PhD of some kind. This app changed my life completely. As someone with Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder that has no underlying causes like organ failure or whatever, I spent most of my life just thinking (and being told) I was a lazy shithead and a weird kind of night owl. But this app helped me get a handle on it. The best feature for me by far is the "smart alarm" which I can set to wake me up say, within an hour of a certain time. Then using the sensors on the phone, my wearable, and the Sleep Phaser bedside lamp they created in a Kickstarter (uses an infrared sensor, works great), it can tell when I'm in a light sleep cycle and then trigger the alarm. It has always been really rough for me trying to wake up at a certain time, but this makes it easy. The company seems super cool also. I can't recommend it enough. Tons of tracking features, too (and cloud storage if you're into that). They support a bunch of wearable hardware, but it works great using only your phone.

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