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Show HN: Web Skills – A Visual Learning Guide for Web Developers (andreasbm.github.io)
97 points by sooperb 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

The DOM section mentions nothing about traversal, updates, or changes to the DOM. Query selectors are convenient but they are limited and slow. DOM access is more expressive than what query selectors provide.

I would not include any mention of build tools or bundlers. These are subjective developer tools not aligned to any standard and not in any way benefiting the user or the user experience. This is true of the Framework section below as well, but more so.

I get the feeling many front end developers cannot imagine any web application that is not a basic service driven SPA built on a major MVC framework. When people complain about reinventing the wheel they are complaining about the need to innovate because their framework does everything for them and that is the only type of application to build in the browser.

If you are going to provide large blocks of content on build tools and frameworks you should also provide content on services, Node, Deno, protocols, messaging, and so forth.

Is it ironic that a page about web development isn’t mobile friendly?

Not really, because most web developers only know how to do about 20% of what's on this page anyway.

Do "well" anyway.

Or requires JS to display anything at all.

It even has mobile first under design and UX.

Only feedback I have is that SEO probably doesn't belong as a fundamental given it's not relevant when you're using web tech to build non-public web applications and sites.

Could someone please help me with a rough way to get started with web development for a backend engineer.

I am overwhelmed with the choices/alternatives there are for everything.

Ideally, I would like something which follow do-and-learn approach. Directly put in into building a project or start working on existing projects and I learn about the things and concepts along it.


This is 20% of the way to a civ-type strategy game where your goal is to evolve your tech stack, knowledge and skills before your competitors in order to achieve market dominance.

I'm afraid that the need for horizontal scrolling rather spoils it for me. A responsive layout would be a significant improvement in usability in my opinion.

My commendations on the effort to get this curated. It could be a great tool for visual learners. I suggest adding Jest as a test runner under testing.

This is amazing. It would be absolutely awesome if you could highlight some recommended paths from one topic to another, based on you want to create.

Very nice - also serves as a visual representation of the confusing fragmentation of web technologies. Many batteries - none included!

Unless you use rails

As a fullstack developer, I commend you on creating this! Amazing work. Thank you

nice work! it reminds me of the developer roadmap, have a look at this website; https://roadmap.sh/

I really like this layout.

This is extremely helpful and enlightening!

Great work, I find it very helpful

Very informative. Thank you.

being not able to zoom here is an awesome feature

Cool icons too!

i commend the effort.

w3schools? really?

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