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I've found my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 to be hilariously incorrect with estimating sleep tracking, and I miss my Fitbits for getting that measurement.

Example: on Sunday, I woke up, drove 20 minutes to a trailhead, proceeded to strenuously hike for an hour, drove 20 minutes back. When I checked the sleep log later that day, the watch had automatically assumed I had been sleeping through the entire hike.

I like most other things about this watch, but sleep tracking is not one of them.

Geez, that almost sounds like faulty hardware. Do you find it counts steps accurately?

The step counting seems to work reasonably well. At least, it's internally consistent. The same workout or same route done multiple times results in no more than 5% variation when counting steps.

But the sleep tracking has been awful. A lot of days I'll get up, sit in a chair, and will surf the web for several minutes, say 45 minutes, and the watch inevitably records this time as also sleep. It's quite ridiculous and the software doesn't allow you to edit the log with the correct time. You can only delete entries, not edit them.

Interesting. I've almost had the opposite problem - sometimes, if I wake up in the middle of night my watch will stop recording sleep and record a new sleeping session when I fall back asleep. So every once in a while I end up with two sleep recordings for a single night.

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